About Schumacher Diamond

Diamond Cutting since 1972, Schumacher Diamond Cutters services include recutting and repairing of chipped and broken polished loose diamonds, the manufacturing of gem rough diamonds and the processing of specialized industrial diamond applications.

Since its inception, Schumacher Diamond Cutters has dedicated itself to developing a business relationship with our clients, based on trust and the quality of our workmanship. We believe this is the only way to do business.

Schumacher Diamond Cutters has always been a pioneer in the use and development of advanced technologies in the diamond manufacturing industry.

Our diamond cutters are a highly trained and dedicated group of craftsmen, who work together as a team to insure that you receive the highest quality of service available in the industry today.

We will do what ever it takes to make sure that your diamond cutting experience is as quick and expertly done. Loose diamonds, rough diamonds, old mine or European cuts, Schumacher Diamond Cutters will get the job done.

We are delighted that you are interested in what over 5000 jewelers, diamond dealers, and other diamond cutters have already discovered. When it comes to your diamond cutting needs, think only of Schumacher Diamond Cutters.