Recutting & Repairs

Services include:

24-hour service available on most diamonds free consultation on all diamonds custom-cutting to your specifications cutting to ideal proportions or maximum weight specializing in naated and difficult diamonds girdle faceting for extra brilliance old miners recut to your specifications proportion reports laser inscription fast service on most recuts and repairs
This Old European-cut diamond, suffering from improper proportions, was recut to ideal proportions. The weight loss was about 17%.
This severely damaged .81 marquise-shaped diamond was recut into a beautiful 75 pear shape.
Poor shape made this .33 pear shape unusable. Recutting this diamond into a .25 round enhanced its value.

Corners on princess cuts are vulnerable to chipping. This 1.27 princess was repaired and finished at 1.23.
The imperfection and large hole in the girdle of this .95 round diamond was removed by recutting the stone into a heart shape that finished at .74.
Marquise-shaped diamonds are often damaged during setting. The point on this .37 marquise was repaired, finishing .36.